The Alchemist- Beer Hunting in Vermont

The Alchemist- Beer Hunting in Vermont

A Hop-Venture

Stowe, Vermont

Enter an overlooked realm of outdoor adventure set against the rolling countryside hills of vehement Vermont. Nestled within a fertile valley of the Green Mountains presides a small town with big offerings. Heady TimeStowe presents world-class hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in a community-style environment far from the reaches of tourist crowds. However, the majority of the visitors that seek out this gem town come with a different purpose- to sip on liquid gold. Enter the Alchemist. 

The Alchemist

Heady Topper, Crusher, Focal Banger. Three of the most renowned craft beers in the entire world are birthed from the womb of this epic establishment. The limited quantities of each unique brew are stocked eThe Alchemist very day and prone to running out within hours of opening.

We came to Vermont with the goal of attaining a stock pile of these hoppy hits. An hour of Heady-hunting in different supply stores varying from gas stations to natural food stores (all listed conveniently on The Beer Advocate- the go-to website for beer connoisseurs) left us with just a taste, but a grand taste nonetheless!

Our last stop was the infamous birthing place herself- the great Alchemist. The brewery is an experimental laboratory opened in July 2016 after the original small cannery began to be overwhelmed by hungryHeady Topper consumers with the purpose of handling a larger but still limited production scene. You can only hope for Heady in Vermont- and as IPA lovers far and wide understand, there is no better reason to visit!

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