Writer. Rock Climber. Adventurer.

Writer. Rock Climber. Adventurer.

Writing to inspire a revolution in the minds of our wearying world

I’m twenty-six years old and I work from home. I write this on the first day of a new epoch in my life. I take a deep breath and pause, my fingers slithering gently across the dulled white keys of my decade-old MacBook. It’s exhilarating, exonerating, and terrifying all at the same. It was not easy getting here and it’s not going to get any easier.

My Happy Place

The monotony of the typical 9-5 is gnawing away at the tolerance of most Millennials. Many Americans are forsaking the better pay of their structured company jobs for careers with greater flexibility. As the world views change, we are changing our views of the world. The idea of settling into the archaic notion of the American Dream never appealed to my restless, hungry soul. After two short-lived careers and only six years in the working world, I take the first step into the freedom of the great unknown of self-employment.

Why did I do it? It’s the driving factor behind my ambition. And for me, it’s simplicity. The way that nature sits behind the scenes of our man-made world in its perfect play of symbiosis is so easily overlooked. For many, it is just there to look at, a mural of green and blue array wildly painted across the backdrop of architecturally formed steel and stone edges. But for some, there is a desire to return to the roots of our existence. Those of us are the urban restless- outdoor warriors that spend every waking free moment in pursuit of the hills and the beaches- a chance to bask in their beauty and frolic in the everlasting freshness of the outside.  I strive now to experience the freedom of the forests, the magic of the snow-capped peaks, and the far-off places of nature that keep the earth simple.

I live now to travel that earth, to climb its mountains, explore its deepest valleys, and ascend its highest plains. I pursue now a lifestyle in which I can freely write about my experiences and not just relay them to the world- oh, no!- my intentions reach further than that- to inspire a revolution in the minds of our wearying world. I desire to dig you out of the ruts of ordinary perception and build a more passionate life. I hope to bring you back to the mountains and the happiness they represent to me, for you- your mountains, whatever they may be. Life is too short to live for anything else.