Destination: Acadia, Maine

Destination: Acadia, Maine

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Acadia, Maine

Acadia National Park is an exquisite island gem located off the southernmost coast of Maine composed of quaint harbors, rocky beaches, and a diverse recreation area for outdoor lovers. The most popular activities include camping, hiking, rock climbing, and of course indulging in the state’s most famous cuisine: lobster. Bar Harbor is the primary seaside resort that presides within the natural wonders of the island, providing a more traditional northeastern tourist attraction including dining, breweries, and shops. Acadia boasts Cadillac Mountain- the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard at 1,500ft. Years of climate change and glacial movement have attributed to the worn, featured granite slabs. Spruce and pine weave deep forests around the rock formations interspersed with wild blueberries, wildlife, and small alpine flora. 

The most epic places to climb in Acadia include Otter Cliffs and the Precipice. Otter Cliffs features world-class rock climbing literally on the edge of the ocean, offering orderly embedded metal rungs and deep natural cracks for solid top-rope anchor establishment. All of the climbs are featured along the stretch of cliffs that overlooks the rocky beach and emerald waves below. The 110ft bluff was produced over years of seawater erosion. The unmatched views include panoramic ocean-laden horizons streaked with pink and orange at sunset accompanied by a forested point that juts out into the ocean adding to the stellar landscape.

The nearby Precipice offers hiking and climbing in a more wooded environment and equally promising ocean sights at the summit. It is a giant cliff band that encompasses the eastern face of Champlain Mountain. The summit brags an elevation of 1,058 feet. The climbing here is traditional granite face climbing requiring a good knowledge of crack etiquette and strenuous gear placement. 

Best Lobster in Acadia:

Side Street Cafe

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Best Breakfast in Acadia:

2 Cats Cafe

2 Cats
Credit: Lee Coursey

Best Beer Place in Acadia:

Atlantic Brewing Company

Atlantic Brewing
Credi: Facebook

Dirtbag Tips 101:

Somes Sound View Campground– it is not an advertised camping spot, but provides the most private campsites at the lowest rates with the best views on the island, including waterfront camping. Owners operate on the honor system and allow campers to arrive late and pay in the morning.

Mt. Desert Narrows is a popular campground with free, clean hot showers.

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