The Adventurer’s Colorado Travel Guide

The Adventurer’s Colorado Travel Guide

In the year of 2016, I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful state of Colorado — twice. Here I present to you the adventurer’s visual Colorado travel guide. 

The first time I visited was in summer during prime rock climbing season and the second time in winter, during perfect ski conditions when fresh powder beckoned to enthusiasts from around the globe. These two expeditions allowed us a full tour of the state, encompassing many crags, mountains, towns, and breweries. Although these images speak more loudly than words, one thing I will say is that Colorado is the ultimate paradise for outdoor enthusiasts of all types — and I will soon return. 

From climbing famous routes on a warm summer day to camping on the snow at the base of the San Juan Mountains, I present to you a visual juxtaposition of the infinite adventures across this state spanning two epic seasons.

Even in summer, snow capped peaks line the horizon.

We traveled from Denver to Eldorado Canyon, just outside of Boulder, for some unforgettable rock climbing.


Heading up the first pitch of the classic climb, Rewritten.

The crux was a beautiful traverse!

On the summit!

Right as I began leading up the final pitch of Rewritten up to the summit, a thunderstorm blew through. Thankfully, it was short lived and we weren’t forced to bail. Onwards we went to climb at a location called Lumpy Ridge, just outside of Estes Park.

Taking a moment to soak it in.

After much searching, we finally found our route.

The first pitch of “Batman and Robin”, in Lumpy Ridge, Colorado.

The summit of Batman and Robin, after a fun-filled day.

Summit photo!

Our final destination: Rocky Mountain National Park, for some real alpine exploration.

Heading up towards Hallett Peak.

Near the top of Hallet Peak, after a failed attempt to find the start of our designated climb. Some high-elevation scrambling left us with elevation sickness, but great views.

I even had time to go off-roading with one of my very best friends, now a Colorado resident. Jeeplife!

After an alluring summer romp, we decided to return to Colorado that winter. Skiing headlined the agenda, and we succeeded in doing a full ski tour of many different resorts around the state.

Destination One: Copper Mountain.

Destination Two: Telluride

I have to stop here and admit that Telluride was by far our favorite ski resort. Between the hot springs and good beer in the nearby town of Ouray paired with the steepest resort skiing in America, Telluride took the cake.

Plus, they had mid-route wine stops. What could be better?

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The San Juan Mountains are too beautiful for words.

Our attempt to go to Purgatory: dissuaded due to a Buick rental car.

So Crested Butte it was! And they had tons of snow.

One of our campsites. Cold much?

Gorgeous peak of Crested Butte!

Destination Four: Loveland Ski Resort.

Our final day on the slopes was spent at Loveland, and I was so glad we chose this place. It had amazing back bowls and great snow conditions.

Skiing at Loveland.

All in all, it was a great four-day tour of Colorado ski resorts. And I think we chose right.

On the way back, we stopped here. Great life decision.

The canyon was pretty epic.

To finish our tour of Colorado, we spent a day and night in Colorado Springs, and embraced a shocking return to warm weather and lower elevation.

You can see Pike’s Peak far off in the distance.

Horseback riding through the Garden of the Gods seemed like a fitting way to end our journey. Until next time, ‘Rado.

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